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Remember, Max speed limit in the club grounds is 5 klms per hour


The MBFC By-Laws are for the safety of both members and their guests. They are also required to ensure a harmonious atmosfere within the club and surrounds.

Rule #1

(1) No liquor shall be sold or supplied for consumption elsewhere than on the club premises unless such liquor is removed from the premises of the club by or on the instructions from the member purchasing the same.
(2) No payment or part payment to any secretary, treasurer, manager or other officer or servant of the club shall be made by way of commission or allowance from or upon the receipts of the club for liquor.
(3) No stranger shall be permitted to use the club premises and no member or other person shall admit any stranger to use the club premises.
(4) The club shall only be open for the sale of liquor during such hours (within the hours permitted under the Act) as the committee shall from time to time determine.
(5) No liquor shall be sold or disposed of on Christmas Day, Good Friday or before noon on Anzac Day except as permitted under the provisions of the Act.

Rule #2

(1) Members may introduce guests to the club at any time provided that a guest shall not be supplied with liquor in the club premises, except on invitation and in the company of that member.
(2) A guest shall be supplied with liquor to be consumed on the club premises only.
(3) The member introducing the guest shall be responsible for the proper conduct of that quest whilst on the club premises.
(4) Any person who has been refused membership of the club or who is under the Suspension or expulsion from the club shall not be admitted as a guest of any Member of the club.
(5) A member may, at their expense, and with the approval of the club committee, supply liquor to guests, without limitation to any number, at a function held by or on behalf of that member, at the club premises.
(6) All guests are required to sign the visitor's book upon entry.


Rule #3

Clean and proper dress shall be required during bar hours. Minimum dress: Tee shirts, shorts and thongs.


Rule #4

Be courteous to all other members, their families and visitors.


Rule #5

No offensive language shall be used in the Club rooms and/or surrounds.


Rule #6

No person shall bring any animals into the Club premises or grounds. Unless properly restrained and/or controlled.


Rule #7

Any member shall have the right to enforce these rules and report the offenders to the committee for further action.


Rule #8

The Club shall not be liable for any member or their friend's property stolen or damaged on the Club premises.


Rule #9

The Club shall not be liable for any member or their friends who sustain injuries on the Club premises.


Rule #10

Any person found guilty of fighting or being abusive to other club members or doing any damage to Club property may be suspended or expelled for such action (the latter being subject to rule 10 of the Constitution). All members shall adhere, when asked by a member of the Ruling Committee, to leave the Club premises and surrounds in the advent of a disturbance, and when requested to supply their name and/or membership number . Failure to comply with this by-law will result in the offender or offenders being liable to be fined, suspended or expelled at the discretion of the committee.


Rule #11

Any breach of rules reported to the Committee and subsequently found to constitute an offense of the rules may incur a suspension at the discretion of the Committee. There may be no more than two (2) suspensions allowed by any member. A third report on a member may incur expulsion from the Club. All complaints are to be in writing. and signed by the complainant. When a member receives a suspension, that member will be excluded completely from Club premises. The member will return gate and gate card key for the duration of the suspension. Members with boat problems will be given an alternative regarding the starting date of the suspension with a maximum period of fourteen days. A member will be permitted entry to the premises for boat emergency on notification from the committee.


Rule #12

Any person wishing to nominate for a position on the Clubs Committee shall have been a full financial member for a minimum of Twenty Four consecutive Calendar Months.


Rule #13

No boats are to be left unattended on the Western side or end of the jetty other than to pick up and set down passengers for any length of time without prior consent from the Committee.


Rule #14

Only full members may use the launching ramp. Only boats owned by the member qualify with this rule. The only exception to this rule will be with the permission of a member of the ruling Committee.


Rule #15

Swipe Cards are for the exclusive use of the Member it is registered to. Members are not permitted to swipe in or lend a swipe card to others without prior arrangement from the committee. Members risk having their card disabled if found to be doing the above and may face disciplinary action at the discretion of the committee.


Rule #16

Main gates are to be kept locked at all times. The exception to this rule will be at the discretion of the Committee. The drop cable gate in the raised position is considered locked.


Rule #17

The maximum vehicle speed limit within the club grounds is 5klms per hour. There are no exceptions, as there are children around at any time.


The MBFC By-Laws are for the safety of both members and their guests. They are also essential to ensure a harmonious atmosphere throughout the club and surrounds.
- The President
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