Remember, Max speed limit in the club grounds is 5 klms per hour

Club News

Whenever club news or information of interest to members becomes available, it will be posted here.


Notice To All Members

All Trailers, Boats and Jinkers on hardstands or left on MBFC premises, MUST have an identification sticker with the owners details visible to the Hardstand Manager.
Stickers are avalable at the bar upon request or from the office, during office hours.
Office hours: Mondays 9.00am to 2.00pm
Thankyou for your co-operation.
Hardstand Manager.


Marine Rescue and Future Lockdowns

IMPORTANT INFORMATION from "Marine Rescue Rockingham"

If and when any future lockdown protocols restricting recreational boating and direction, are received from WA Police, Marine Rescue Rockingham radio operators will not be available for routine log on, and Rescue Boat Crews will only be recalled for emergencies by WAPOL. (W.A. Police)
When a lockdown is in place, mariners experiencing an emergency should telephone Police on 131 444 who will then task Marine Rescue as required.


Members we need your help

We are reallyin need of extra bar staff. If you feel you can donate just 2-3 hours per week to help out behind the bar, please contact us. It's not hard and all the support you need is available. So please please phone the office on Sunday between 9.00 noon and 2.00pm for any information, or send us an e-mai at info@
We really do appreciate our volunteers.
Office: 9527 7418 …e-mail us


Can you Cook?

Are you able to cook one of your speciality dishes on a Friday night?

You now have the opportunity to show off your culinary skills, and delight your fellow members at the same time.

We have a "Friday Night Meals Roster" for people to put their names on and make their speciality meal on a Friday night.

Contact the office on 9527 7418 for more information.


Sliding Gate

The new Sliding Gate has been installed for security and members conveniance.

For Entry and Exit you will need a Gate Remote Fob.

These are available from the office from 4 to 5pm most days, if a committee member is present, or Sunday from 12 to 4pm. A remote is issued free per membership with additional remotes at $40 (cost).

If members require an additional Fob for their wife or partner they can purchase one from the office.

Remote Fobs are for the exclusive use of the Member it is registered to. It it against club rules to use or lend a Remote Fob to others without prior arrangement from the committee. Members risk having their Fob disabled.

Remember that only MBFC members can use the Boat Ramp and visitors cars will need to use the car park outside the gate.


Rockingham Sea Rescue

MBFC are VERY SERIOUS when it comes to boat safety. We recommend that all our members register with Rockingham Sea Rescue and log on with them each time they venture out on the water.

This is a long, but important message from "Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue Group"

With the recent sea tragedies, we are appealing to all boaties to seriously rethink their actions before and while they are on the water. YOU'RE the Skipper, YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE for your vessel and all persons onboard!

All Marine Rescue Volunteer groups are here to help, we dont do it for glory, we come from all walks of life but we all have one common keep you safe. But we need your help!! When an accident at sea happens, we drop everything in our lives to respond. We search for hours, often day after day, hoping for the best possible outcome, but sometimes it's only to give closure to the loved ones you have left behind.

HAVE all required safety gear, AND know how to use it! WEAR your life jackets/Pfds, they're certainly not there to be a cushion or fashion accessory! LOG-ON with your local Marine Rescue Group, and check that where you go AND the weather are suitable for both your vessel and your own capabilities.

If you are unsure or new to boating, please contact your local Marine Rescue Group for advice.
Our doors are open, use Facebook, use phones..we always try to be available for any questions or queries.
Or bring your boat and your family down so we can answer any questions you AND your family may want to ask.

There is nothing embarrassing about wanting to keep your loved ones safe!

Visit the Rockingham Sea Rescue website here


A reminder for members and their guests

Any guests coming into the club, MUST sign the visitors book and be accompanied by a financial member, at all times. All visitors cars are to be parked outside in the car park.
The Committee


Club Grounds Speed Limit

The maximum speed limit anywhere in the club grounds is
5 klms per hour.

This is for the safety of other members AND children.

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